I’ve got this.


I once read an article that said there are three words more important than I love you. At first I was sceptical.  ‘I love you’.  Lets face it those words have been the most important three words in peoples lives for centuries.  They encompass all we want to hear.

We want to hear them from our mothers and lovers, from our kids and our friends. They validate us and our existence.  They make us feel worthy.  They make us feel like we have a reason to be here renting space on this planet and breathing in the oxygen that keeps us alive.  Some people live their lives just so that they can hear those words.  Three words that are their everything.  They travel the globe in search of them.  They make endless movies about them.  The story ending when the guy kisses the girl and says ‘I love you’ as if that were the end of the journey.  We grow up believing that once you have heard those words from another you will be complete.  That all the spaces in our story will be filled.  That once the prince comes riding in on his white horse and says ‘I love you’, you will be safe and live happily ever after.

I love you can be said a million times but if it is not backed up it is pretty meaningless.   It is relatively easy to say I love you.  It is, at times, said without much of the weight that the words should actually carry.  The current young generation say it freely.  I love that they do this.  They are not reserved like generations past and are quick to tell their friends that they love them and love they do.  It is however thrown about too often with a degree of carefree abandon.

So what if though there were three little words that could mean more than ‘I love you’.  Three words that could in their action prove that love rather than just say it. There are!  Those three words are ‘I’ve got this’.

‘I’ve got this’ says I love you backed up with action.  It’s the doing of ‘I love you’.

When the dishes are piled in the sink and someone says ‘I’ve got this’ they are saying ‘I love you enough to do this for you’.  When the bags need carrying in from the car and your teenage son says ‘I’ve got this’ then its the physical manifestation of his love for  you.  When the baby wakes in the night and hubby says ‘I’ve got this’…..what words could be sweeter.  When the picture needs hanging and he says ‘I’ve got this’….and does it, that’s a man who loves you.  The scenarios are endless and the story never ends.

It’s the chivalry of love.  It’s the sweet doing of love.  The old man who opens the car door for his ageing wife after fifty years of marriage is still saying ‘I’ve got this’.  That is an exquisitely beautiful thing.

‘I’ve got this means I love you and I’ll get off my butt to prove it.  It does not matter how big or small the action, it’s the meaning behind the words.

It’s the sexiest, most beautiful thing a man can say to a woman.



1 Response to “I’ve got this.”

  1. 1 Anonymous 15/06/2016 at 7:20 am

    So true, the best love language!

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